The Greatest Love Story

 persistent, continual, never-ending, unwavering, constant, tireless, unabating, unrelieved.
In honor of Valentine’s day, a day filled with earthly love, but to many more filled with loneliness and heartbreak, here is a reminder of the relentless love that Christ offers you and I every day.  
In the book of Hosea, the Lord instructs a man named Hosea to pursue and marry a prostitute named Gomer in order to illustrate Jesus’ love for Israel. Being an obedient follower of God, Hosea chose to marry Gomer. After marrying Gomer, Hosea sought to honor his marriage covenant, but his wife would not. Covered in guilt and shame, Gomer continually ran back to her old life of prostitution and brokenness where she found her self-worth. Being a faithful husband, Hosea set out to search for his wife time and time again. Gomer had finally hit rock bottom one day when Hosea found her naked and alone at a slave market, a repulsive image of her old life.  Driven by a love that endures all, hopes all, and believes all, Hosea buys back his wife for fifteen pieces of silver, five bushels of barley, and a measure of wine (Hosea 3:2).  
This story illustrates the relentless love that Christ has for you and I. You see, we are all Gomers, who one day find refuge in Christ, but decide the next day to run and hide in our sin. Christ the devout healer, comes to restore us from our brokenness. Hosea paid for his wife in silver, barley, and wine, but Christ paid the ultimate price for you and I. He shed his blood on the cross so that we may be restored and redeemed, healed and free. Christ chooses forgiveness and love every time we run from Him, regardless of the heartbreak or sorrow that follows. He abandons all security to extend love, knowing it will often not be reciprocated. So today, regardless of your relationship status, age, or how many years you’ve been married, know that there is a God whose love will never stop relentlessly pursuing you.
“Though fallen low, God raised her up, an angel” – Francine Rivers