The Church Needs You!

If you clicked on this article, you are probably intrigued by the title. Usually, we hear the statement “You need church.” While I believe everyone needs the church, this is a different point of view that describes why the Church needs you. The one thing you learn when attending a church is that it is far from perfect. Some of you may have even thought in your head that certain areas of the church need some improvement. It’s okay to admit this because I’ve done the same exact thing.

Here’s the dirty little secret about church: It’s run by imperfect people who don’t have all the answers.

Does that comfort you? It shouldn’t. The church needs YOU!

Every single person, no matter what walk of life they are in has been gifted with things that the church so desperately needs.

We call them spiritual gifts.

Every one of you has been given a gift. You may be great at organization, budgeting, public speaking, leadership, or something else entirely. We haven’t been given these talents for them not to be put to use.

In Ephesians 2:10 we find the following passage:

“For we are God’s Handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

God has given each of us many different talents in order to help and serve others. As a former staff member of a large church, nothing upsets me more than to see people show up on Sundays and leave before the amen at the end of the prayer. There is so much untapped talent that the church desperately needs!

Some may think “How do I know what my talent is?” Glad you asked.

Here is a link to a spiritual gifts test that many in the church community have taken to help find their place in the church. (

Let’s go over a few of the gifts to see if you may match one.

Administration: Are you a detailed and organized person? This is a huge aspect that church needs help. Volunteer your time to a staff member at your church and help them with their administrative needs, unorganized people like myself could benefit from having someone like yourself.
Evangelism: No we’re not going to ask you to go door to door, but this skill set is rooted in community outreach. If you have this gift start a group at your local church that serves others in the name of Jesus. This is also related to missions, so if your church has a missionary team, this would be a great way to be involved.

Leadership: This is huge, you may think if this is your main spiritual gift that there isn’t much room for you at the church because they already have leadership then you couldn’t be further from the truth. The church rises and falls based on leadership, so if you have this gift, you must put yourself in a place to be involved in the church. Whether it’s in kids ministry, youth ministry, greeting team, ushers, accounting, data entry, or any other part of the church LEADERSHIP IS NEEDED! Can you imagine how much weight would be lifted off of your pastor’s shoulders if he knew that every time he walked in on a Sunday morning that the team you were helping with was taken care of because of your leadership gift? Speaking from a pastor’s perspective, NOTHING IS BETTER THAN SOMEONE WHO CAN LEAD OTHERS!

There are many more spiritual gifts that you can read up on once you have taken the test.

Here’s the point of all of this; when you step out and participate in your church and use your gifts that God has blessed you with everybody wins! When you operate using your gifts you not only help yourself and make God happy, you also partner with the church and let others shine in their gifts too. This is how a church becomes healthy and starts to experience growth. The church isn’t just for the pastors; a church is for everyone who calls themselves apart of it.

The church is a rowboat…Grab a paddle.