5 reasons your life is better than you think

1. Whatever device you are using.

I want you to think about this for a second, you are either on your phone or on a computer right now reading this article. Around 4 billion people in the world still don’t have access to a computer, and our biggest complaint is when your brother is streaming Netflix and slowing down the wifi connection. The device you have in your hand right now is capable of getting pizza to your house without making a phone call if that isn’t a reason why your life is awesome than I’m not sure what is!

2. Your contact list

Whether you have your contacts in an iPhone, android, flip phone, address book, or on a piece of crumpled up paper in your room the great thing to remember is you have people that you can talk to at any time of the day. This is one of the harder things to grasp because when the effects of depression hit you feel like you’re so alone. In reality, you have at least a few different people that you could contact at any time to talk to. That’s an amazing thing! Back in the day you’d have to actually go to someone’s house to talk to them, the horror! You can talk to anyone you want that you know in under 30 seconds, that sounds like an awesome life to me!

3. Pets

My dog Noah eats his dinner every day in a very peculiar way. He destroys everything in the bowl in under a minute and then he proceeds to roll around the carpet making noises like a human being who is complaining about how fast he just ate. Pets bring our lives joy no matter what the situation. They are always there to jump on us when we’re not expecting it, knock over a cup that’s sitting on a low table, or even overestimate their jumping abilities when trying to get on the couch. Pets make our lives awesome! If you don’t have a pet you can quickly and easily look at pictures or videos of pets, which brings me to reason number 4….

4. Google

My last three Google searches go as follows:

How many people in the world do not have computer access (Thanks, Google!)
Paper on the Great Depression (College Work)
Restaurants near me (No explanation needed)

We have the power to type in any questions, phrase, or word and receive back millions of related articles to help us with our question. If you want to look at pictures of dogs swimming in pools, guess what you can do that too! Everything you could possibly imagine and more as at the click of a button. Before Google people had to actually go to the library and look things up in books, scary thought! If you think your life isn’t awesome or you’re feeling blue go ahead and google image search “Cats shaved like lions” or “Business dogs”…you’re welcome in advance.

5. Music

Try to listen to “ABC” by the Jackson 5 with a frown on your face; I dare you.

It’s not possible.

Music is one of the greatest things that can make a bad day into a happy day depending on which song you pick on your playlist. You can use reason #4 (Google) and type in “Happy Songs, ” and you’ll get entire playlists full of music that will brighten your day. Music makes us relax, perform better, reduces pain, and of course gives us happiness (Well, as long as you don’t listen to Nickleback). That’s why music is the fifth and final reason why your life is better than you think it is.

I’ll be the first to admit that this list isn’t that serious, but that was the intention of it. As someone who struggles with depression finding ways to realize the positive of your life goes a long way. Being happy for some is a constant battle of forcing your mind to be positive in a negative situation. Next time you’re feeling hopelessly sad, force yourself to come up with your list of five reasons that your life is better than you think!

Thanks for reading,