Thriving Hearts in Healthcare: #NursesWeek

Thriving Hearts in Healthcare

I’m an ER nurse.

I love my job. I love the chaos, the unpredictability, the adrenaline, but most importantly I love being a part of an amazing team that helps save lives. It is this team that helps me find the strength and motivation to keep going on a long 12-hour shift.

The heart of this team can be found in my fellow nurses. It can be found in the nurse who calmly provides reassurance and a gentle touch to the child with a broken arm. It’s found in the nurse who continually shows love and acceptance to the drunk man screaming profanities. It can be found in the nurse who holds the hand of a dying old man as he takes his last breath. Every day I see my coworkers go out of their way to care for others in such a selfless way, it is truly inspirational.

Even more, I believe the real heart of these nurses can be found in the way that they help take care of me. It can be found in the nurse that never grows tired of lending a helping hand with a critical patient. It’s found in the nurse who insists I take a break and she will watch my patients because she sees the tiredness in my eyes. It’s in the nurse who cracks a joke to see me smile because he knows laughter is the best form of medicine. It’s in the nurse who lends a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on after an emotionally defeating day. No one understands the crazy details of my day like a fellow nurse.

Famous nursing theorist Jean Watson once said, “Nurses are a unique kind they have this insatiable need to care for others, which is both their biggest strength and fatal flaw”. My prayer is that we would never stop caring for our patients or for each other. That we would begin to understand the weight and depth of our profession and know that the physical and emotional weight we carry can be overwhelming. We need each other to take care of our patients and ourselves. To my incredible team, keep caring for each other and know that the little things you do to care for me do not go unnoticed; I’m forever grateful.

Thank you to my fellow nurses who helped carry me through the past four years of my profession. You have taught me to become a much better nurse, but more importantly, you have helped me to become an even better person, and for that, I can’t thank you enough. Happy Nurses Week!