How do you rate as a follower of Jesus?

College! Every person has a different reaction to that word. Some people think of it as a four-year party!!! Others say it was something they dropped out of like it was hot (Whattup Snoop Dogg). While others are thinking, wait, four more years of studying after the first twelve years? Yeah, no thanks. Most of us fall into one or more of those categories, for me what I think of when it comes to college is .8.

Why .8?

Well because that was my GPA my first year of college…. Allow me to explain…

I went to college to play basketball and found out rather quickly I was closer to a water boy then I was a college basketball player. Not only did I fail in what I thought I’d do on the basketball court I failed in the classroom HARD.

Here are some fun stats about my first year of college:

I showed up to only 20 classes my first year (that’s 5%)
I got two B’s in Business and Speech class (Did someone say, Harvard?)
My first semester GPA was 1.0 (That means a D Average….D’s get degrees???)
My second semester GPA was .6 (That means a…..well, it means bad….)
I had four F’s (Health, Introduction to Microsoft Excel, Elementary Algebra, Theatre Appreciation) Who’s hiring?
I received a D and a D- in classes called Faith & Learning and Introduction to the New Testament (Did I mention I was a youth pastor for three years?….scary)

It’s safe to say I know what I’m talking about when it comes to poor ratings.

We all have stories about a time we’ve gotten a bad grade or a poor job performance review, or have been told we don’t match up to the other people who are trying out for the team, but what happens when we try to rate ourselves as a follower of Jesus?

Let’s do an experiment…

(This is my attempt to get you to stop thinking about how terrible of a student I was)

I want you to think in your head about how you would grade yourself as a follower of Jesus on the scale of A-F. I’m sure some of the criteria you are thinking of is how many times you pray, how often you read your Bible, how often you go to church if you give, and if you volunteer. Add all of that together and give yourself a grade.

Most will rate somewhere between a B-D because you don’t believe you are the best follower of Christ, but you also don’t think you are a pure evil F.

Here’s the fun part, I have all of your grades.

Your actual grades given to you by the man Himself.

Interested? I thought so.

Guess what that grade is…an A+! Wait, how can that be? I never read my Bible, I never pray, I give more money to the casino then I do the church, I don’t even go to church, how would God give me an A+?

Think about it this way…when you were born you were either born a male or a female, correct? I hope you are all nodding your heads because if not I’m going to be concerned. So let’s just imagine you were born male, now you’ve grown up a few years. Have you ever became more male than when you were born? The answer, of course, is no, you’ve always been the same amount of man as always! I mean you can learn more about what it takes to be a man, but you will always be just as much of a male as any other male.

Now follow me on this one….when you commit to being born again, which is a fancy word for having committed to be a follower of God, you are an A+ Christian! Just like being a male you can read your bible and pray and do all that, but you are still just as much as a Christian as anyone else who follows God. This is why this is so important and why God rates you as an A+. Failing God is impossible. I’ll say it again; it is entirely impossible to fail God. This is possible because when He died on the cross for us, he did so that our sins wouldn’t matter, and so that we could be closer to Him. He knows what you did yesterday, He knows what you did today, and he knows what you’re going to do tomorrow, and He still rates you an A+! It’s important that you know that you’re an A+ and always are with God because you cannot fail Him.

Here’s why this is important: No matter what stage of life you are in you will always be rated on your performance. In school, on your job, in sports, and in relationships, the constant rating can leave us discouraged and ultimately feeling like failures. With all of that going on isn’t it wonderful to know that we cannot fail the most important person in the galaxy?

Being a follower of God is like taking P.E. to boost your GPA because it’s an easy A+!

Maybe if I show God’s rating for me to my teacher’s freshman year, they would make it a part of my GPA to bump me up a bit…..Probably not.

Thank you for reading,


Romans 8:31: “If God is for us, who can be against us?”