Why Good Friday is the Most Important Day of the Year…

I am a sinner.

I know my sin by name.

You see there’s greed, there’s selfishness, there’s pride, anger, jealousy, and greater yet; the need for control. As much as my type A, perfectionist, “make everyone think you have it together” kind of self would like to disagree, at the end of the day I am a sinner.

My sin weighs heavily on me. It drags me down like a hot and heavy, dark jacket. Everyday. My sin is toxic, it spreads like wildfire; it makes me feel filthy and rotten; it tells me I’m not good enough. There is no need to try to point out my sin, I know it. It creeps up on me; it takes me by surprise; it runs deep within me. Somedays I feel like it’s the only thing that defines me.

2,000 years ago on an overcast and rainy day, someone felt the weight of my sin. On that day, God sent his precious son Jesus to die on a cross for me and my sins. He saw the extent of my greed, the heaviness of my selfishness, the enormity of my pride, my vicious anger, my vast jealously, and my evil need for control, and on that day Jesus brought me redemption. He bought me something I could never give myself, freedom from the weight that I am bound to.

While reflecting on today, I am grateful that Jesus’s death on a cross means a separation from me and my sin. My sin causes a great divide between God and I like two vast mountains separated by nothing but air and a thousand foot drop. I stand on one mountain, God on top of the other’; my sin lies in the deep valley that separates us. On this day that all changed, God built a bridge between the large mountains that divides us. With this bridge I no longer stand alone, I can be one with Christ.

That bridge was the cross.

My sin is great, but on that day His love was greater.

So Why R We Here? Because of Christ’s Redemption. We are here to lead others through our experiences, and to be continually redeemed from our sinful nature so we can be reconciled with Christ. On days when I feel like the extent of my sin is overwhelming, Christ sees me as remade, restored and redeemed. For this I am forever grateful.

”By His wounds you have been healed” 2 Peter 2:24